Stitched and Pressed in Idaho, USA

Born in the heart of North Idaho, USA, each garment from Right Side Threads is meticulously stitched and pressed locally with dedication, reflecting the craftsmanship and values that define the American spirit.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

An American Conservative Business You Can Trust

In today's world, fashion is a powerful medium of expression, allowing us to communicate our values, beliefs, and identity. We recognized the need for a clothing brand that caters to those who share conservative principles. With a deep passion for conservative values, we embarked on an exciting journey to create a brand that aligns with the essence of conservatism and Christianity.

Fighting the Culture War Through Clothing

One of the disheartening trends of our time is the inversion of moral values. Traditional virtues, such as faith, integrity, and personal responsibility, are sometimes painted as "bad," while relativism and moral ambiguity are promoted as "good." It's in these moments that we recognize the importance of standing up for what's truly good and virtuous.

The Power of Faith

Amidst this moral confusion, the role of faith is more vital than ever. For conservatives, faith has always been a guiding force, offering a source of strength, values, and direction. It's a compass that reminds us of what's truly good and right in the world.

Clothing as a Cultural Battleground

Clothing has always been a powerful form of expression, reflecting our beliefs, values, and identity. Conservative clothing brands recognize the significance of this and offer individuals a way to make a cultural statement. Our brand allows conservatives to wear their principles proudly and assert their values in an increasingly secular world.

Conservatives need to stand firm and confident in their beliefs. Conservative clothing is a symbol of this conviction. It unites individuals under a common banner, fostering a sense of community among those who hold conservative values.